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Hoists SPECIFICATIONS HOISTS AND TROLLEYS nhoist_trolley_specbook_Page_01_Image_0002.jpg (19144 bytes) Loading Docks

Electric Chain Hoists

Upside Down Entertainment Show Hoists

Chain Buckets / Chain Bags

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Manual Chain Falls


Web Strap Pullers / Lug Alls



Elevating Docks

Loading Ramps

Scissor Lifts

Truck Locks

Trailer Locks

Fork Lift Stops

Wall Bumpers


Overhead Cranes Car Hoists / Truck Lifts

Free Standing Work Station Cranes

Single Girder Overhead Cranes

Double Girder Cranes

Mono rails

Jib Cranes

Crane Electrification

Crane Remote Controls


In Ground Hoists

2 Post Hoists

4 Post Hoists

Parallelogram Hoists

Portable Column Hoists

Flush Mount Car Hoists


Slings Truck Loading / Unloading

Synthetic Web Slings

Nylon / polyester

Chain Slings

Wire rope Slings

Rubber Gripper Slings

Tractor Trailer Tarping Monorails

Coil Lifters

Skid Lifters

Fork Lift Booms

Fork Lift Extensions

Accessories Controls


Wire Rope Clips

Fist Grips

Cable Clamps


Oversized Thimbles

Lifting Rings

Ergonomic Control Stations

Push Button Controls

Radio Remote Controls

Safety   Festoon Systems
Electric Hoist / Crane Load Arrestors

Load Arrestors are ideal for any application where personnel or equipment could be damaged:

Hoists & Cranes

Sports Arenas - Display screen boards

Arts & Entertainment

Below the hook attachment

Lathes, Paper rolls, Truck bays, Production areas

Suspended scaffolding

Just about anywhere there is the risk or potential of a load falling to the ground or working surface below.

Flat cable Festoon Systems

Cable Reels Spring Loaded

Round Cable Festoon Systems

Large Heavy Duty cable load arrestors

Compact Industrial Duty load arrestors


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